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Restaurant Chez Olivier

chez olivier

「シェ オリビエ」は、
「シェ オリビエ」のキッチンに、全国から届く小さな生産者が手がける野菜たち。その多くのがオーガニックです。「シェ オリビエ」は本物の味を大切に「自家製」にこだわります。その料理の多くがオーダーが入ってからオリビエとスタッフの手によって作られます。作り置きは好みません。季節を感じ、主役の食材の味を存分に味わえる、ハレの日だけでなく、普段からよい空気を吸うようにフランス料理を味わって欲しい、「シェ オリビエ」はそんなレストランで

The restaurant Chez Olivier, which in French means the “House of Olivier,” was opened in 2009 by chef-owner, Olivier Oddos, for guests to enjoy typical French in a relaxed atmosphere.
The restaurant uses only the finest ingredients. The vegetables, most of which are organic, come from small growers all over Japan. Because Chef Olivier believes authentic tastes are essential, he is careful to make everything home-made.
Nothing is made ahead of time. After an order is placed, Olivier and his staff will prepare the dishes. Olivier wants his guests to taste the flavors of the season, not only on special occasions, but everyday—just as naturally as breathing fresh air. So each day, the dishes at Chez Olivier take full advantage of what the seasons have to offer.

Etablissement: Restaurant "Chez Olivier"
Adresse: 4-1-10 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-Ku, 102-0074 Tokyo
Tel/Fax: 03-62-68-9933
Site Web:

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