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Our Story

Papa’s Grove is an initiative undertaken by a pair of Greek brothers at the height of the Greek economic crisis that cost Petros his office job. Wondering what to do next, the duo identified that there is a lack of truly tasty, healthy and reliable Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world and particularly in Asia where Andreas has spend the last decade of his life. Going back to their roots, the siblings decided to finally take advantage of their invaluable inheritance and produce and label their very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil from their family’s olive groves in the Peloponnese!

Papa's Grove cottage

"Our lands, filled with olive trees and few vineyards, belonged to our great grandfather Papa (Priest) Spyros in the hills of Achaia, in Peloponnese, where our family started harvesting and stone pressing olive oil since the early days of 20th century."

"Right as the winter fell over the mountains it signaled harvest time. The family clan armed with long sticks would knock down the olives, branch by branch, tree by tree onto blankets laid down on the ground. A few day's work later and our donkey would slowly drag itself around the olive mill crushing the fruit into the valuable juice... Back then that was all that was needed."

For the next three generations, the Papaspyrou family has been enjoying earth's great gift. During the war and years of depression it was just raisins, rusks, olive oil and tomatoes that kept the family going and kids growing. To this day, the family continued this tradition, producing as much olive oil that was needed to feed the family and friends. " Papasgrove generations

Now, with the help from modern machinery and technology (that ensures our production meets all international ISO standards), we have for the first time systematically cared for the trees and produced an unspoiled, superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil! What had started out as a family commodity vital in our humble daily needs back then, has become an ongoing pursuit and commitment in sharing the goodness in this pure gold found in our family’s backyard.

We think that you will be impressed and will enjoy the fruits of our labour!”

"If you decompose Greece, you'll end up with an olive tree, a grapevine and a fishing boat. That's all you need to rebuild the country" Odysseas Elytis


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